Having over 25 years experience in the Industrial and Commercial sectors of the Electrical Industry, Ben Laing has a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to our Projects.

Starting his journey with a Building controls company, working on the likes of City Bank & HSBC at Canary Wharf, Ben moved on to a large M&E Company based in South London. Here, he worked his way through the ranks to eventually become Electrical projects Manager, overseeing Electrical projects for the London boroughs, and  ‘Mission Critical’ installations on high risk installations.

In 2021, after working alongside Excite A.V on a number of Environmental projects, he approached them to see if they would like to set up a joint venture Electrical Company to concentrate on using our combined skill set to build a greener Environment for our Children to grow up in.

Ranging from Environmental Monitoring, Solar PV Installations, Wind Energy, Large scale EV charging points, Marine monitoring and areas of the Industry where we can make a difference to our environment.

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Ben Laing


Experts in Audio and Video

Gareth Thomas


Gareth’s project experience varies from retail chains & restaurants to the large corporates such as Fortnum & Mason, London, Dominoes, Pizza Pilgrims and Vision Express.

Gareth has also worked with the Excite team on projects for the National Health Service (NHS), International Transport Workers Federation (ITWF), Southern and Scottish Electric (SSE), Galliford Try, and various other well known brands in the hospitality, leisure and corporate markets.

Being a keen golfer, Gareth works with a number of hospitality partners looking after their technology requirements. The golf course can be  a great place to network and do business.

Gareth manages our social media marketing and works closely with the installation team.

Gareth has 17 years of industry experience, having gained a wealth of knowledge with various major brands.

As well as being Co-owner / Director with Alex, Gareth heads up our project management.

Alex has been working in audio visual technology for the past 7 years managing the commercial and financial side of the business.

He works closely with our suppliers to help find the best solution for our clients in a constantly evolving marketplace.

Alex also works alongside our marketing team at <a href=”https://quadrocreative.com”>QUADROcreative.com</a> looking after the growth of Excite AV Ltd.

Experts in Audio and Video

Alex Forman


Experts in Audio and Video

Jason Williams


After a short diversion from the engineering side of the business working in Business development for Manufacturers, Distributors and systems integrators Jason took on the challenge of growing the business across many different verticals and seeking out new and interesting niches for the business. His recent efforts see Excite moving into the fields of IOT, Product Manufacture, and R&amp;D within the environmental and health care markets.

Starting as a trainee theatre electrician in London’s west end and alongside running his own part-time stage lighting business, assisting in a recording studio, and supporting graduate directors with film lighting at the Royal College of Art in Kensington Gore. Jason pursued his passion for live music and sound engineering by transforming a former ballroom back into a nationally acclaimed reggae &amp; ska venue, where he worked with many world-famous musicians &amp; groups.

In 1999 he accepted an offer to play his part in the millennium celebrations as a senior engineer at London’s Millennium Dome where he was responsible for the technical design, construction and operation of Skyscape, the largest conventional cinema screens &amp; music venue ever built in the UK.

Following a successful 10 years within Arts &amp; Entertainment Jason focused on providing audio visual expertise in the corporate sector where he managed the presentation and video conferencing department for Goldman Sachs from the former daily mail Building in Fleet Street, London. His talents were soon recognised across the city, and he was recruited by a US-based company (PSAV) providing hospitality services across the UK where he headed up the Purchasing &amp; Training (100+ Technicians) department and finally became Facilities director with responsibilities for 80+ luxury hotels including The Savoy, The Dorchester, and two of London’s famous exhibition Centres – Earls Court &amp; Olympia.

In 2003 Jason met the now-late Peter Boizot (Founder of Pizza Express) and helped him complete the Broadway Theatre Refurbishment in Peterborough, rising from technical director to general manager before accepting a consultancy assignment for Carnival Cruises where he helped to make the Ocean Village 24/7 party ship brand a success.

Jason continued building his technology skill set when he joined Brahler as UK Sales Manager toward the end of the noughties and spent several years designing, supplying, and installing interpretation training suites for 10+ universities across the UK. He also played a key part in rolling out the Digital Audio and Transcription Services replacing the traditional tape recording of judicial hearings in 900+ Criminal Courts across England, Scotland and Wales with digital equipment.

Some of Jason’s work within the Ministry of Justice was implemented into the Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service, then operated by BT and he was asked to design and supply several bespoke cutting-edge audio projects within military environments for the Ministry of Defence.

Joe Burridge

Electrical Engineer

I have been working with the Excite team for over 2 years now, achieving my apprenticeship in full electrical works.

I’m proud to say I’m nearly level 2 and 3 qualified. Over the past 2 years working with the EE team, my knowledge has grown diversely in commercial, industrial, monitoring and domestic electrical solutions.

I am an enthusiastic member of the team and the variety of projects the Excite Group work on make each day quite a bit more exciting that the standard electrical projects many come up against.

Not only does it broaden my knowledge, but it also gives me some great experiences across England, Scotland & the rest of Great Britain. I am looking forward to growing my knowledge further and being a fully qualified electrical engineer.

av expert
av expert

Lisa Smart

Office Manager

I recently joined Excite Technology as their office manager, I have over 10 years’ experience in the administrative industry working within the construction and hospitality industries.

The challenge of learning new products and systems in a well-established company was an exciting opportunity for me.

Working closely with Alex and Jason to deliver excellent customer service from first enquiry, through the installation and for any future communications needed.

Engineers & Sub-Contractors

Electrical Experts

At Excite Electrical we have hand picked a wealth of sub-contractors that project manage and install for us up and down the country.

As with our clients we build professional relationships that often turn into long lasting friendships and there is always a team on hand around the country to help with our projects.